2021 End of Legislative Session Report

CAI’s Connecticut Legislative Action Committee (CT LAC) was active this session. The six-member committee volunteered hundreds of collective hours to review bills, draft testimony, work with CT LAC’s lobbyists, meet with legislators and other decision-makers, and testify for and against bills. More than 3,200 bills were introduced, and the CT LAC monitored 20 bills that directly or indirectly impacted community associations. Below are highlights from the 2021 General Assembly:

HB 5051, An Act Concerning Requirements Relating to Communications and the Adoption and Amendment of Bylaws in Common Interest Communities. CT LAC monitored this bill, updated requirements relating to communications from the association to the unit owners in such communities, and adopted and amended bylaws in those communities. 
Status: FAILED 

HB 6538, An Act Making Revisions to the Common Interest Ownership Act. This bill was the CT LAC’s main initiative in 2021. This bill revised the Connecticut Common Interest Ownership Act regarding electronic meetings of an association, access to association records, and certain notices of an association. 

HB 6612, An Act Concerning Protections for Family Child Care Homes and the Zoning Enabling Act. The CT LAC successfully amended this bill, to remove language preventing condominiums from placing restrictions on certain family child care businesses within their associations.

HB 6665, An Act Concerning the Removal of Restrictions on Ownership or Occupancy of Real Property Based on Race and Elimination of the Race Designation on Marriage Licenses. The CT LAC successfully amended this bill, which prohibits restrictive covenants based on race, to provide a process to remove such covenants from instruments recorded on the land records in this state, and to also allow for associations to amend their governing documents to remove these discriminatory provisions through a majority vote of the board. 

Individual homeowners can bring a notarized statement to file with their county recorder’s office or town clerk that explicitly states the racially restrictive covenants are void. The process can be completed at no cost and without the need to hire an attorney. This law became effective July 1, 2021.

SB 507, An Act Concerning Transparency of Condominium Boards. The CT LAC monitored this bill, which would have provided greater transparency to residents of condominium complexes.
Status: FAILED

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